The People’s Trust

Our purpose: better returns for you and a better impact on society


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What is The People’s Trust?

Most people think that investment isn’t for them. We’re trying to change that.

The People’s Trust will be a new and different kind of investment fund. We'll be owned 100% by our customers. And we'll have a structure that ensures we’ll always be independent of any external commercial interests.

You can be confident The People’s Trust will be run entirely for your benefit because we’ve designed our structure to make sure that we do. This gives credibility to our purpose: better returns for you and a better impact on society by investing for sustainable wealth creation.

We’ll aim to fulfil our purpose through true long-term investment, which means that we’ll have the time and patience to work with our investment managers and the companies they select. Our mission will be to help them deliver sustainable long-term returns for you and a better future for employees, the environment and the economy.

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  • How can I tell if this is a real company?

    ​You can check our details at Companies House

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  • How do you back up the claim that The People’s Trust will be run for my benefit and nobody else’s?

    The People’s Trust will be an independent investment company, listed on the London Stock Exchange, just like the Royal Mail or Sainsbury’s. This means that it will be:

    100% owned by customers. To invest in The People’s Trust, you buy shares in the company, so its customers are its shareholders and own 100% of the shares. As a customer, by investing in The People’s Trust, you become a shareholder, which makes you an owner.

    Not controlled by a profit-seeking company. The People’s Trust is an independent investment company, so it’s not controlled by any commercial organisation that is seeking to make a profit. Instead, The People’s Trust is an independent company, controlled by an independent Board of Directors who are accountable only to you and whose duty is to promote and protect your interests.

    No massive bonuses for executives creating short-term incentives and distorting decision-making. The People’s Trust’s employees will not have any bonus scheme. They’ll get paid a salary and part of their salary will be paid in shares of The People’s Trust that they’ll be required to hold for at least seven years. This means that there’s nothing that the employees responsible for running The People’s Trust can do to earn more money that could push up costs or increase risks but their interests are perfectly aligned with yours. They do well if The People’s Trust’s investments do well – and, like you, they’ll want The People’s Trust to do well at the lowest cost possible.

    A long-term approach. The financial system is driven by short-term incentives that lead to short-term perspectives and behaviours that lead to poor long-term outcomes. But it is very hard for commercial organisations that are under pressure from shareholders and employees to adopt radical change. The People’s Trust will take a very long-term approach, which we believe will lead to better results in the long term and a positive impact on companies’ behaviour – and, ultimately, to a better economy and a fairer society.

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  • I understand that The People’s Trust will be run for my benefit, but that still doesn’t guarantee that it will perform well, does it?

    No, nobody can guarantee that. What we do believe is that, by doing some simple things well, we can give our investors the best possible chance of doing really well over long periods of time.

    Our basic proposition is to focus on making investments on your behalf that our investment managers believe are capable of sustainable success over the long term (ten years plus), and we will chop and change as little as possible (which keeps trading costs to a minimum). If we can do that well over long periods of time we believe that we are highly likely to deliver returns to investors that are considerably better than leaving money in cash on deposit and significantly better than the average returns of stock markets as a whole.

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